• Different Types of Courier Services

Different Types of Courier Services

From global and local to same-day and overnight, there are many different types of courier services you can choose from. The one you choose will depend on your needs, time frame, and budget. First, [...]

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Courier Services vs. Postal Services

There can be some confusion about courier services and how they differentiate from postal services. That’s OK, as some of the elements of these services can be similar. While both deliver goods to homes or [...]

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Evolution of the Courier Industry

The courier industry is changing and growing every year. According to Ibis World, the market size of the Couriers & Local Delivery Services industry in the US has grown an average of 6.9% per year [...]

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What Does Cross Docking Mean in Warehousing?

Supply chain management has changed a lot in recent years. Modern technology and innovative ideas present a variety of ways for companies to streamline their operations without sacrificing performance. However, some of the most [...]

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  • Modern Express Distribution Services

What are Distribution Services?

We talk a lot about courier services, but did you know that Modern Express has quite a few other services? One of those is distribution. Today we’re going to talk about what distribution services [...]

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  • TL vs LTL Shipments

TL vs. LTL Shipments

The US transportation system moves nearly 50 million tons of freight every single day. That is a lot of freight. You have probably seen freight in transit, while commuting to work or taking a [...]

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