From global and local to same-day and overnight, there are many different types of courier services you can choose from. The one you choose will depend on your needs, time frame, and budget.

First, what’s a courier service in general? A courier service delivers packages or documents from one location to another, whether that’s just one letter or a set of parcels. Many companies and individuals need courier services to get important packages and letters to others quickly. Within the umbrella of courier services, there are many subsets as well, such as legal, medical, and government.

Many businesses have partnerships with couriers to provide services on a regular basis because they need to rely on a safe and dependable shipping method to ensure a seamless delivery experience. The many shipping and delivery options that courier services offer differentiate between them and traditional mailing services such as the USPS. When it comes to international and global shipping in particular, this can make a huge difference in getting a package somewhere on time.

A Closer Look at Courier Services

Now let’s delve into the various type of courier services that may meet your specific needs best. We’ll also outline how we at Modern Express in particular can fulfill each courier service type.

Overnight Courier Services

This is a great option when time is of the essence. If you have a package or document that must arrive to a client or other individual the next day, you will need overnight courier services. This is one of the speediest ways to ensure an urgent delivery, as it will arrive the morning after rather than two days or more later.

Here at Modern Express, we’ll pick up your shipment the day before delivery, hold it securely overnight at our warehouse, and deliver it between 8 a.m. and noon on the next business day.

This is a cost-effective alternative to using standard courier services such as UPS and USPS within the San Francisco Bay area. We also accommodate custom drop-off times.

Air courier service is another quick and safe way to transport your goods. It’s also known as air express cargo delivery, air cargo, or air freight. It is often used when there are tight deadlines involved and ground shipping would take too long. Items can be shipped overnight, which makes it ideal for businesses who need their items delivered quickly.

Same-Day Deliveries

Also known as express courier services, same-day deliveries are just what they say: shipments are delivered on the same day the order is placed. If you’re a business that relies frequently on timely, private communications, such as law firms, you will need to choose same-day shipment options for things like speedy delivery of court orders or client notices.

Here at Modern Express, we offer many same-day delivery options such as:

  • Regular: 4-hour window
  • Rush: 2-hour window
  • Exclusive: immediate
  • Exclusive van service: immediate
  • Truck service: 4-hour window (Rush service available upon request and availability)
  • Refrigerated van/truck service: 4-hour window

International Courier Services

Also known as global courier services, international courier services are usually larger logistics providers that will ship between two countries, such as the U.S. to the UK, for example. Other companies, like Modern Express, only deliver regionally. Our most popular routes are Oakland to Sacramento, San Jose to Los Angeles, San Francisco to Stockton, Walnut Creek to Fairfield, and Santa Rosa to Fresno. We feel this local attention ensures more of a focus on quality and immediacy of services.

International courier companies usually have a fleet of buses, trucks, and jets, promising delivery within three to four days of consignment booking. Choose this option if you have important packages that need to get overseas quickly.

These types of companies include the likes of UPS, FedEx, and DHL.

Standard Courier Services

While still faster than traditional mail services, standard courier services aren’t expedited and may take a bit longer than express services. You’ll pay less but your package will take two to three days to process and arrive. This is the most cost effective option but the slowest.

Local Courier Services

Local courier services provide delivery within a certain city or region. For example, Modern Express operates within Northern California, specifically the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Under the local courier umbrella, there are many sub-specialties, such as:

  • Document
  • Medical
  • Legal
  • Government
  • Food
  • Retail
  • Refrigerated
  • Hazardous material
  • Freight

Here at Modern Express, we offer many specialized services that extend to air cargo, remote staff support, construction and project support, exhibition and trade show logistics, and event logistics.

In the end, there’s no doubt as to the benefit of all kinds of courier services, no matter which option you choose. From speed and reliability to safety and affordability, partnering with a courier service you trust can provide immense benefit for your business.

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