We talk a lot about courier services, but did you know that Modern Express has quite a few other services? One of those is distribution. Today we’re going to talk about what distribution services are and if they would benefit your businesses.

Distribution Services

Distribution services encompass the last or one of the last legs of the supply chain, when goods reach their final destination. This link in the supply chain is essential. Distribution services can include warehousing, delivery, or both. If you have products that need to get to customers, distribution services can benefit you.

Both B2B and B2C companies utilize distribution services. Some distribution companies strictly deal with certain items. For example, some distributors only handle wine and spirits, while others specialize in food items. Many large companies have their own distribution services that focus specifically on its products. Or, large companies might partner with one distribution company that only distributes their products.

Quick Fact: By 2028, the global distribution market size is projected to reach $14560 million, compared to $6074 million in 2021 (Market Watch).

What to Look for in a Distribution Partner

If you are in the market for a distribution partner, it is important to know what to look for. After all, you are trusting a distributor to handle your products or goods–you want to be confident that they will take proper care of every item every step of the way. So if you are looking for a distributor to work with, be sure to look for a company that embodies the following traits.

Easy to Work With

Once you narrow down your list of potential distributors with a simple Internet search, give each company a call. Do they pick up the phone? Does a real person pick up the phone? Are they easy to get a hold of? How a company treats you before you are a client is often indicative of how they will treat you when you become one. You will be working with this company a lot, so you want to find one that you actually like.


What is the company’s track record like? Have they been in business for several years? Do they have positive Google reviews, Yelp reviews, and/or social media reviews? These pieces of information can give you insight into their reliability.


Depending on the size of your business and reach, you will want to find a distribution partner that can keep up with your needs. Before contacting distribution companies, have an idea of what services you will be needing, such as warehousing and delivery. How much warehouse space do you expect to use? Having these questions ready will streamline the search for your distribution partner.

Distribution Services in Northern California

At Modern Express, we support businesses in Northern California looking for a distribution partner. We have proudly served Northern California since 1951, and we have worked with enough clients to know that who you choose as a distributor can make or break your supply chain process. When you call us, a real person will answer the phone, any time of the day. (Try us!)

If you do business anywhere from Palo Alto to Modesto to Santa Clara, or in any surrounding cities in Northern California, Modern Express would love to be your distribution partner. We support various industries’ distribution needs. Our secure warehouse and delivery service offerings make it possible for us to offer cost-effective, commercial distribution solutions for businesses. Contact our team today to see how we can work together and make your business more efficient than ever.