We’ve shared quite a few blog posts on how to choose a courier company and how a courier company can benefit your business. But sometimes we forget about the basics. That’s why today we’re going to answer one of the most frequently asked questions in our industry. What is a local courier facility?

Local Courier Facilites

Have you ever tracked the shipping progress of something you ordered? You’ll likely see updates on the most recent location of your item and if it’s currently in transit. At some point, you might see the update “arrived at a local courier facility.” What does this mean?

When a package has arrived at a local courier facility, it has a reached a local delivery company. It is no longer in the hands of FedEx or UPS. Once your package has arrived at a local courier facility, you can typically expect to see it at your doorstep within a few days.

Local courier facilities are companies that deliver items to a smaller geographic area. For this reason, they aren’t typically as big as companies like FedEx. Because they operate on a smaller scale, they can often deliver packages faster than larger companies. Modern Express is a local courier facility in Northern California. We take the utmost care with every package we receive. We do everything we can to ensure it reaches its final destination intact and on time.

Do you have any questions about local courier services and what they might look like for your business? We’d love to talk. Contact us today!