Medical professionals have a lot on their plates, from taking care of multiple patients to filling out paperwork to working all hours of the day. With so much to do, just finding one thing to delegate or outsource can make a huge difference and provide more time in a workday. Local courier services can be a huge asset to hospitals and medical offices by taking care of picking up, transporting, and delivering medical specimens, labs, and more.

Here are just a few of the services that local couriers can provide to medical groups:

  • Medical specimen transport
  • Pharmaceutical transport
  • Implants and instruments
  • HIPAA compliant document delivery
  • Interoffice courier services for labs

Using a local courier service gives medical professionals more time and flexibility to do the things that they can’t delegate to others. Couriers provide total confidentiality when it comes to medical documents or anything you might need delivered. Look for a company like Modern Express that offers instant proof of delivery and other options like ink signatures upon delivery.

Modern Express specializes in same-day delivery in San Francisco and the surrounding areas, and we have worked with many hospitals and medical offices in the area. Whether you have a last-minute pickup request or a specimen that needs to be delivered within two hours or overnight, we are here to help. We also offer refrigerated delivery so we can accommodate your needs for temperature-regulated items such as medical specimens or implants.

If you’re a medical professional in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact Modern Express to see how our courier services can make your life easier.