Local couriers can benefit a wide range of industries, including the previously blogged about finance companies, medical groups, and law firms. Today we’re talking about how courier services can benefit government agencies. Keep reading to learn more.

Interoffice Courier Service

If you need to deliver mail or packages to other government employees, we offer daily, weekly, and overnight interoffice courier services. Interoffice courier services can be convenient for employees who work from home part time or full time.

Custom Route Service

Instead of working your schedule around a route service, find a route service that works around your schedule. If you have recurring or frequent deliveries, working with a local courier service can streamline your delivery process. At Modern Express, our route service includes options for cargo vans, trucks, locked bags, and more.

Mail Service

Local couriers can assist with local mail delivery, shipping, and even packaging. We can pick up mail at USPS and deliver it to your agency. We can also pick up outgoing mail and take it to the post office. Instead of waiting for the mail carrier or picking up mail from the post office, save time by letting a local courier take care of your mail for you.

Modern Express started as a mail delivery service in 1951. While our services have expanded a lot since then, we have a special place in our hearts for mail service.

We’re proud to have helped all different kinds of businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area, including government agencies. If you work for a government agency and are interested in how Modern Express’ services can benefit you, contact us today. With over 70 years of experience under our belt, we look forward to working with you and answering any questions you may have about how our services can work for you.