Local courier companies exist to make life easier for business owners and their employees. No matter what industry your business serves, couriers help you deliver packages efficiently to companies, clients, partners, or whomever else you may do business with. However, there are a few common mistakes that can impact the effectiveness of courier services. Once you know about them, they are easy to avoid; so keep reading to learn about some common courier mistakes to avoid.

Scheduling Too Late
As much as you can, try not to schedule last-minute deliveries. For one, this adds stress to your life. Additionally, depending on the size and destination of your delivery, last-minute orders can be difficult for some couriers to accommodate. At Modern Express, we offer same-day and overnight delivery services, and we’ll do everything possible to work within tight schedules. But remember, the earlier you are able to schedule a pickup and/or delivery, the better.

Scheduling Too Early
This might seem like it contradicts the previous paragraph, but let us explain! Scheduling a drop off or pickup in advance is no problem; in fact, it’s one of the best ways to ensure that your packages get delivered on time. However, you want to avoid scheduling the actual drop off or pickup on a date that is too early for the individuals involved. For example, you don’t want a package to arrive too early at a client’s office, if the client doesn’t want the package until the following week. So while you can schedule orders in advance, be sure to select dates that align with your and the receiver’s schedule.

Skipping Delivery Details
This is a big one! Don’t forget to provide any special delivery details to the courier you’re using. Is your package temperature sensitive? Does it need to be dropped off around back? Will the delivery driver need a security code to enter the premises? Providing these details upfront ensures a smooth delivery.

Choosing the Wrong Courier
Find a courier that is professional, reputable, and reliable. If you have specific delivery needs, make sure the courier you choose can meet those needs. If there is any possibility that your courier needs will increase in the future, choose a courier that has the capacity to meet your needs as you grow. Here are some things to look for in a delivery service.

Local courier services are a great way to lighten your load and streamline business processes. Don’t let these common mistakes get in the way of successful delivery services. If you have questions about San Francisco couriers or how they could benefit your business, contact the Modern Express team today.