If you regularly ship products or goods that are temperature sensitive, you know what a frustration it can be when items don’t arrive how they should. From melted candles to spoiled food items, the outside temperature can really affect shipped packages. If you want to be sure that your temperature sensitive items will arrive as they should, look for a local refrigerated delivery service.

Refrigerated delivery is exactly what it sounds like—a delivery service with controlled temperatures to keep your items cold. This service is often used for perishable foods, beverages, medical supplies, flowers, personal hygiene items, and more. For many of these products, refrigerated delivery isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. Refrigeration maintains the quality, effectiveness, and safety of these items.

Whether you ship temperature sensitive items regularly or sporadically, find a local courier service that offers refrigerated delivery. They will ensure that your items are preserved in transit and delivery. This prevents unnecessary stress, knowing that your products are being taken care of by professionals. Oftentimes, you can also save money by shipping your refrigerated items through a courier service.

Modern Express offers refrigerated courier services for small and large deliveries in the greater San Francisco Bay Area and surrounding areas. The process of delivering refrigerated items is more complex than delivery of non perishables, and our team of drivers are trained in both. We have experience delivering temperature sensitive products such as food, beverage and medical items. We can set our trucks to the exact temperature you need, so that your goods remain intact and safe during transportation.

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