In the courier world, a route service is a convenient delivery service where a courier comes to you, picks up your package or document(s), and delivers it to its final destination. This service is ideal for individuals and companies who have recurring deliveries, frequent deliveries, and/or large deliveries.

The Benefits of a Route Service

Route services benefit small businesses in so many ways, but two of the main benefits are more time and peace of mind.

More Time

Preparing packages, taking them to a shipping store or post office, or delivering them yourself takes a lot of time, especially when you have a handful of items to prepare. When you utilize a route service, you don’t have to leave your office. Since the courier comes all the way to you, you can simply prepare the item(s) and then go back to your to do list. Instead of using your workday to ship items, or working after hours to get items shipped, a route service gives you more time to focus on priority items at work.

Peace of Mind

When you ship items through a mainstream shipping company, there’s a chance you’ll deal with delayed items or drop-off mishaps. However, when you use a local courier for your route service, you can have peace of mind that your items will get delivered exactly where and when they should. Because local couriers focus on local deliveries, they can go the extra mile to ensure on-time delivery, every time.

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Modern Express’ Route Services

We provide route services to businesses throughout Northern California. While this service can look different depending on the business, here are some of the common route services we provide:

  • Delivery of medical record and billing documents
  • Delivery of documents to and from US Customs
  • Interoffice delivery of paperwork, billing, paychecks, etc.
  • Mail delivery to remote staff
  • Distribution of bulk food items to restaurants

Route Service in Northern California

Do you have a business in Palo Alto, Santa Clara, San Carlos, or the surrounding areas? If you think it might benefit from a route service, or if you have questions about what a route service might look like for your company, we’d love to connect. Route service deliveries have been the foundation of Modern Express since our beginning. Our services include recurring deliveries, locked bags, cargo vans, refrigerated deliveries, interoffice deliveries, and more. We offer clients extremely competitive prices without sacrificing customer service.

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