Client: Italian Harvest in Vernon, California

This month we interviewed Fabio Tesei, the CEO of Italian Harvest. Keep reading to learn about his company and how he utilizes Modern Express’ delivery services.

About Italian Harvest

Italian Harvest is a specialty foods importer and distributor. They provide high-end and niche Italian groceries to customers all around the country. Their goal is to offer unique products while serving customers promptly and professionally.

How They Use Our Services

Fabio found us on a simple Yelp search for local delivery services. He said that our ratings and comments were hard to ignore. Now, we receive the pallets that Italian Harvest ships to the Bay Area, and we sort and deliver them to their customers locally and in Sacramento.

He appreciates that we are reliable, professional, and that he always knows what to expect from us. Before finding us, they employed a part-time delivery to cover Bay Area deliveries. The driver’s unpredictability paired with trying to manage him from a distance resulted in a lot of frustration and customer complaints. Since using our delivery services, Italian Harvest’s delivery times have been cut in half and customer complaints have decreased. We call that a win!

“Something I appreciate about Modern Express is that they don’t always tell you want you want to hear, but they tell you what you have to hear. That’s the kind of business partner anyone should have.” -Fabio Tesei, CEO of Italian Harvest

Be sure to check out Italian Harvest’s delectable groceries and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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