Have you been putting off shipping a fragile item because you’re worried it might break in transit? Your concern is understandable. It can feel risky to mail something fragile, especially if that item holds sentimental or monetary value. We’ve put together a few tips for shipping fragile items so that they arrive safely and in one piece.

  1. Choose the Right Box
    When choosing a box for shipping a fragile item, it might seem like bigger is better. But that’s actually not the case. You want to use a box that is just slightly bigger than the item you are shipping. This will ensure that the item fits snugly in the box and doesn’t move around in transit. Smaller boxes also cost less to ship, so you’ll save some money along the way.
  2. Protect the Item
    This one seems obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t properly protect fragile items when shipping them. You can use a combination of packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and packing paper to protect your item. Every side of the box should have a layer of padding, including the top and bottom. Be sure to fill in any extra space so that your fragile item doesn’t move around. If any part of your item is hollow, fill it with packing material.
  3. Pack Fragile Items Separately
    If you have more than one fragile item to ship, it is critical that you wrap each individual item with protective materials. You can ship small items in the same box, as long as they are wrapped individually and there is no empty space in the box. Keep the box fully padded to prevent the items from moving around and hitting each other.
  4. Label Boxes as Fragile with Right Side Up if Needed
    Be sure to communicate any other special handling instructions to your courier when scheduling delivery.
  5. Use a Courier Service
    If you are shipping a fragile item locally, using a courier service is one of the best ways to ensure it gets delivered intact. Couriers are trained in the best handling and transportation practices, so you can rest assured that your precious item will make it to its destination in one piece. Additionally, courier services typically include basic insurance coverage on deliveries, and you can often opt to pay a few extra dollars to insure your package for more. If you decide to use a courier service, we still recommend following the other tips mentioned above.

Follow these tips above for shipping fragile items, and you have nothing to worry about. Just remember, don’t skimp on protecting the item or finding the right box! If you would like to ship a fragile item locally using our courier services, contact us today.