US Mail

The USPS is a great service, but when your business depends upon being able to mail today but after the pick-up time the USPS offers or upon receiving your mail before the USPS can be at your office, it’s time to call Modern Express. Being a postal service means understanding the demands of sending and receiving bulk mail that consists more and more of advertisements addressed to no one in particular while being a courier service means understanding the time sensitive demands of individual clients sending and receiving items of critical importance.


Furthermore, the USPS faces an uncertain future: the US Congress has passed legislation which will force the USPS to close thousands of offices and lay off literally hundreds of thousands of workers. It remains unclear how drastically this will affect service. Modern is a safe bet in these uncertain times.


Some of the major advantages Modern Express US Mail Customers enjoy are:



Our office is located only blocks away from the USPS’s distribution center in Oakland. This office is open later than smaller offices. This means that we can pick up from your office later than the USPS while still delivering your mail in time to be shipped with today’s mail. Additionally, we pick up from the USPS offices and deliver directly to you, getting your time-sensitive items to you as quickly as possible.



If a package gets lost at the USPS, do you know who to contact? Do you want to wait to hear back from a huge government bureaucracy giving you the run around? Wouldn’t you rather deal with someone you know by name and who you know is going to make the extra effort to find your package? We have been handling US Mail related issues for our clients for decades and you will find that our friendly office staff does not rest until we get to the bottom of whatever issues or problems can arise from dealing with the USPS.


Customer Service:

We at Modern pride ourselves on our customer service. We take the time to get to know you by name and we take ownership of any issues you may encounter. We know that you can choose to use the USPS but we believe that our superior efficiency and customer service will help you see the value of the US Mail Service provided by Modern.

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