Same Day Service

We at Modern Express Courier have designed multiple Same Day delivery services to meet the specific needs of our customers and whether they are law firms or grocery stores, hospitals or construction companies, our excellent customer service and reliability keep our customers coming back for every kind of Same Day delivery need.


Regular (4 Hr. Window):

Our Regular Same Day delivery service guarantees pick-up and delivery within 4 hours*. Efficient both in terms of time and cost, our Regular service is our most popular Same Day service.


Rush (2 Hr. Window):

Our Rush Same Day delivery service guarantees pick-up and delivery within 2 hours. This service is popular among professionals who need to meet deadlines but whose workload requires that they be given as much time as possible to complete time sensitive tasks.


Exclusive (Immediate Pickup and Delivery):

If you absolutely need something delivered ASAP, you need our Exclusive service. Exclusive deliveries are assigned a car and driver for that delivery and that delivery only. Exclusive deliveries are made directly after pickup.


Same Day Van (4 Hr. Window):

Shipping larger items shouldn’t mean having to wait. Our Same Day Van service gives you and your clients the ability to ship and receive large quantities of goods quickly and efficiently.




Same Day Truck:

We at Modern provide Same Day Truck delivery service to our clients who need to ship larger items without sacrificing the efficiencies of a courier. We are fully equipped to handle palette-based shipping: forklift, palette jack, lift gate, or dolly – whatever your specific shipping needs are, we have the equipment and expertise to handle the job.

*Orders picked up after 2PM or over 50 miles distance from origin to destination are charged at Rush order pricing.

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