Legal Services

There is no industry in which reliability is more important than in legal courier services. Missing a filing deadline can have drastic consequences for you and your clients. We’ve been in business for more than 60 years so we understand the demanding needs of our legal clients. Our multiple Same Day service options give our legal clients both the flexibility to get it done right and the assurance that when it is done, it will be filed on time.


We believe the following characteristics are some of the most important in delivering critical legal courier needs:



Modern Express Courier offers three Same Day delivery services to meet your specific delivery needs. We’ve been filing at courthouses on a regular basis for years, and we understand the difficulties lawyers face when confronted with a filing deadline. And if we can’t get it done, we aren’t going to tell you otherwise. We know this doesn’t help anyone.



We are larger courier service meaning we are able to keep multiple drivers on stand-by to meet your immediate delivery needs. When your time sensitive order comes in, you can rest assured that our dispatch team begins handling it immediately, regardless of whether you choose our Regular, Rush, or Exclusive Service.



Our drivers are courteous and attentive. They are also fully uniformed and held responsible for their conduct with our clients. This means that when you choose Modern, you are choosing a courier service which will present an appearance and demeanor that is in keeping with professional standards of conduct.

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