Document Shredding

Why choose a courier service to do your document shredding? Having drivers already in the area doing deliveries means we can offer the best prices for our document shredding customers. This is because sending a driver out to pick up at a single location costs much more than temporarily diverting a driver who is already in the area of the pick-up.


What does Modern offer its Document Shredding customers?



We do our shredding offsite and in bulk so none of our employees will ever look at your documents. And we make sure to completely destroy all sensitive documents as we shred our own internal documents at the same time.


Environmentally Responsible:

All of us try to reduce our paper waste but when we can’t we want to know that the waste we do create is dealt with in a responsible manner. All of our shredded documents are recycled. That means that when you choose Modern Express for your document shredding needs, you are making a choice that benefits us all.

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