Distribution needs require diverse capabilities. From warehousing and sorting to delivery, distribution is about much more than sending and receiving. Our warehouse space, detail attentive staff, and delivery capabilities make Modern Express uniquely capable of delivering excellent distribution service.


Some of the reasons to choose Modern Express Distribution Service:



Being a courier service making daily deliveries all over Northern California means we have the experience and resources necessary to pass the savings created by our efficiencies onto our customers. Our drivers are likely already passing by the places you are distributing to on a regular basis, and this means savings for you when you choose Modern Distribution Services.


Secure Warehousing:

Modern Express also offers warehousing services at our secure warehouse, which is monitored 24/7 by multiple security cameras. This means we can offer our Distribution customers storage space allowing you to get your goods for distribution out of the way and hold it until its ready for delivery. Our warehouse is housed in the same building as our offices, meaning that it is actively populated from 7 in the morning until 7 in the evening and that we have immediate and easy access to stored goods making delivery at a moment’s notice easy.

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